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Space Goggles Logo

Space Goggles Logo


Space Goggles is a 2d side scrolling and shooter game I was developing for the PC and possibly later for the iPhone. The hero, Captain Space Goggles, somehow gets transported from a battle to another galaxy, far away from his own. He visits a wide variety of planets across the universe as he tries to makes his way back home.

Space Goggles


The idea behind the art direction was to have the foreground in silhouette a la games like Limbo, accompanied by vibrant watercolor style backgrounds that I painted by hand.


Space Goggles Dragon

Problem, Captain Space Goggles?


Throughout the game, Space encounters all sorts of strange beasts and environments on the planets he visits. From creatures similar to dragons, dinosaurs, and livestock, Space makes notes of each life form he encounters in his Space Bestiary. Space considers himself not only a military man, but a man of science and feels that returning to his home world without extensive notes on the flora and fauna he finds on alien worlds do his entire civilization a disservice.


Space Goggles - Bacon Harvesting

Give me your bacon, please.


Space Bacon is the official power-up of Space Goggles and is widely considered to be the #1 consumable pork product across the universe.


Space Bacon

100% Bacon for 100% Real Men.


Game Features (taken from the old website):

  • Original Game – While not exactly sporting next-gen graphics, Space Goggles does feature beautifully hand-painted backgrounds, crisp 2D animations with a retro feel, and an epic science fiction story.
  • Powerups – Various powerups give Space unique abilities to help him complete each task.
  • Bad Guys – Space will encounter all kinds of strange things on the different planets he visits throughout the course of the game.
  • Intuitive Controls – Space Goggles is designed with playability in mind. The game’s controls are simple, but also allow for advanced moves by advanced players.
  • The Talent – Space Goggles is developed by Chris Peterson, best known for his voice work as a cage fighter in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • Noted Scriptwriter – The story of Space Goggles features a script written by Chris Peterson, one of the most unknown writers of all time. Space Goggles is the first game to be set in its respective universe.
  • Gameplay Variety – Players experience superior gameplay variety via multiple difficulty settings, competitive leaderboards, challenge levels, clever achievements and bonus objectives.
  • Unforgettable Soundtrack – The game features a unique musical score that might not exactly put the opera in space opera, but will give the player something to listen to.
  • Space Bacon – The finest of the fine meat products plays a substantial role in the game, helping space in more ways than you might think.

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