FIFA 13 Pro Clubs – Changes I Would Make




In FIFA 11, my Pro Club went 451-143-364 (W-D-L), or a winning percentage of about 47%.  In FIFA 12, at the time of this writing, my club is 97-42-59, or a 49% winning percentage.  When playing Pro Clubs though, I do not really think of our record in terms of winning percentage.  I prefer to focus on “not losing percentage.”  In FIFA 11 we did not lose the game about 62% of the time, meaning it was either a win or a draw.  In FIFA 12, we did not lose just over 70% of the time.  Despite the slight improvement in winning percentage, and the even greater increase in not losing percentage, the total number of games our club has played in FIFA 12 is only roughly 20% of the total number we played in FIFA 11.  This is because while numerous improvements were made to the core game, the Pro Clubs game mode was largely left alone, which in essence made the mode worse.  While I greatly enjoy the improvements made to the core game, Pro Clubs has consistently been my favorite mode, but if EA Sports wants me to shell out another $60 for FIFA 13, they are going to have to make some significant improvements to the Pro Clubs game mode.  On this front, I have no shortage of things I would like to see.


1. Get rid of the ANY

This is Pro Clubs, which is supposed to be a mode where you play as your virtual pro on a team with other players playing as their virtual pro.  Put everyone on a level playing field.


2. Number of players bonus

I understand the objective of getting as many human players on a team as possible.  In actuality though, there are many teams that only have a few players on them.  I fall into this category as I prefer to play Pro Clubs exclusively with close friends, rather than go on the forums and recruit people I do not know or be recruited.  These smaller clubs are at such a disadvantage since the AI players’ ratings are so extremely bad.


3. Get rid of user goalkeepers or significantly reduce their effectiveness

The effectiveness of many of these 6’6” user goalies is absolutely absurd, and they are not really doing anything remarkable to earn their results.  All a user goalie has to do is stand on the yellow dot marker and depending on their control settings, will automatically make save attempts.  I would like to see manual goalie controls mandatory, or remove user goalkeepers from the Pro Clubs mode.


FIFA 13 Pro Clubs Goalkeepers

Sick save, bro.


4. One on one saves and penalty saves

I believe a the breakaway and penalty saves rates need to be seriously looked at and reevaluated.  Bringing the goalie out as early as so many Pro Clubs players are inclined to should be punished almost every single time.  Have you ever watched a real football match?  Goalkeepers just do not come 40 yards out of the box to attempt to stop a breakaway goal.  Why?  Because they would get torched.  Every.  Single.  Time.  On a related note, what is going on with the penalty save rate in FIFA?  How often are penalties saved in top tier football? 25-30%, at the most?  How often are they saved in Pro Clubs?  50-60%?  A well placed penalty kick with good pace on it should be nearly impossible to save, regardless of which way the keeper guesses.


5. Club customization

Right now the only things you can do to customize your club is pick its name and the name of the stadium it plays in.  You have to take the kit and crest of existing teams.  For several years now, the FIFA series has had a robust Creation Centre web application in which users could create a customized kit for teams in offline play and head to head friendlies.  While I am sure abuse is no doubt a concern, EA Sports has been extremely vigilant in censoring inappropriate content.  I would very much like to see the ability to create a custom kit, with a custom crest, and name the AI players on your club, much like the functionality that already exists in the Creation Centre web app.


Will FIFA 13 Pro Clubs have custom kits?

Uhhhh.... You guys wanna be Dortmund?


6. Borrow from FPS games

I would also like to see some kind of reward or progression system in place, rather than just a generic leaderboard that the average Pro Clubs player doesn’t even care about.  This could be tied to club customization, as you win more games, you unlock more customization options, or unlock better AI players.  I would also like to see the Pro Ranked Match mode overhauled, or at least a casual version created.  Why can’t we join these games with friends?  Being able to join this type of 11 on 11 pickup game would be a great solution for those smaller clubs that like the idea of playing as their virtual pro in a game with like-minded individuals, but simply do not have enough members on their Pro Club.  Players can play with friends in the ranked modes of games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.  Why not football instead of shooting people?  A simple “Join as Party” button would go a long way for me here.



  1. I like your vision, but I think it is a shame when the community is looking for fixes after so many years of Pro Clubs.

    We should be see innovative game mechanics.

    Check out the FVPA, the Fifa Virtual Pro Association.

  2. By the way, I’d like to more of your fifa related articles.

    Can I subscribe?

  3. Seth,

    I am familiar with the FVPA, and I am a huge fan of what they are doing.

    You can subscribe here:

  4. I enjoy pro clubs as well. Even though i just started, its fun. I’m the same way about playing with close friends. The clubs are great in NHL 12 I think, but there are a couple things to be improved. The jersey customization is one of my favorite parts in that and can see that easily being in fifa 12 but was not added. Hopefully in fifa 13 it will

  5. I think they should go back to fifa 09 clubs with real players which would be better for your number 2 point and i thought 09 was the best for clubs in the first place

  6. Paul Shepherd

    Hi, I like your ideas I agree with all of your ideas, espically creating your own kit that’s a great idea! Maybe picking your own numbers for your self and that? (more realistic) and like you could unlock colours and that, that would be amazing.

  7. I think there are three major issues with Pro Clubs.

    1. How bad the AI are; this makes the game unplayable at times.

    2. I have been thinking of this for a while, what if there was a transfer market for AI players? you get money for winning games and you can buy things with it eg new balls, new AI or new stadiums. I would really like to see this.

    3. As metioned there needs to be a customisation centre for clubs, so we can have our own identitys. Also would like to see massive changes to the edit system, new hair etc…

    I disagree with the above comment, clubs should not contain any real players. I beats the point of it.

  8. Andre Delima

    They should do something to stop those freaking cheaters and boosters, its no fair to play the whole month to be at 1st place on the league and some non nuts start cheating playing against each other which is sucks

  9. omg dude you are so right, maybe these guys don’t play pro or cant. but since the pro club I prolly play 34-10-24 in h2h or so, friendly I prolly play 2 friends but on Pro clubs I live me and my friends and you I know I am one person but after fifa 13 if a big change and fix to the club garbage I will never buy another fifa game me and my friends and Its not much but its 14 of us…the goal keeper is too super for one, the finesse shots against the compter is bull as well ever seen some goals player score on the about a team experience rate where the team manager can improve a player depending on the games play and a lvl cap such..simply put its terrible a CPU has a rate of what 72-77 or so to a player str 89 mid 91 or so Defender 92 and up well now not everyone gets a full squad all the time and also that garbage to build virtual pro fast to high boost was a garbage idea let them earn it geeze don’t kill the virtual Pro club and players..and dang club JERSEY creation stadium can make from the games etc some Ideas don’t just take our 60 bucks each fifa to give us the same garbage we will notice

  10. Hey. I enjoyed reading this – found it with google. I agree to most of it but not the goalkeeper part..

    4 One on one saves and penalty saves:
    There is middle/right/left and the 2 sides can be chosen high or low. That gives the attacker AND the goalkeeper 5 options. That makes it 20% chance for the goalkeeper to save it. And the attacker can even trick the goalkeeper so more likely 15%.. Size/fatness of the goalkeepers does not really help if you place shots wide – the keepers react slow if they are tall or have a lot of weight.

    3. Get rid of user goalkeepers or significantly reduce their effectiveness:
    Yes and no. This game is played online and there can be HUGE delays for some people a lot of times. And you aswel have the option as attacker to make him fail if you make a fakke shot, then you can score on an open goal.

    I play goalkeeper on one of the best teams in VP. I know what i talk about :) Against good attackers goalkeepers have a hard time. I would add tho that i would like to see the yellow position dots removed from online gameplay – they are placced wrong and any good player would remove it in the gamesettings – it makes you worse..

    I play with a 6’4 Acrobatic goalkeeper with the weight of 123 lbs.

    I would gladly discuss and have a good debate with you. Sounds like you enjoy playing as attacker :)

    If you wanna add me then my origin name is A-Sexy-Teen.

    Cheers and thanks for a good read.


  11. Tom Connolly

    Your clearly just bad at pro clubs!
    Keepers do not save pens 50-60% of the time!
    You must have over exaggerated at least 5 times!
    And no pro keepers you contradicted yourself, you want better AI’s but pro keepers are to good.
    Also if one team has an any there is nothing stopping you having one too so there is no advantage!

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