Evolution of a Piece: Mushroom Cloud

As much as I do appreciate a finished work of art, I think I am more interested in the process of getting to that point even more. After talking to a friend about a particular illustration of Toad that he is quite fond of, the talk quickly turned to his love of mushrooms.  For whatever reason, I have always found mushrooms fun to draw.  The wheels started turning.  At first I was thinking of an interesting way to draw Toad, but with all the strip mall art school treatments of the character out there, I wanted to turn my attention to an actual mushroom.  This piece was conceptualized on my iPad using one of my favorite apps on the platform, Paper.  I am still not too sure about using the iPad to produce polished work, but I find it invaluable as a conceptual tool.


Using Paper on iPad


There are a lot of problems with the initial iPad sketch, such as proportion, balance and color choice, but that is okay as it gives me a better idea of what the final piece should look like.


Mushroom Cloud Preliminary Sketch

Preliminary Sketch


I loosely sketch in blue to get the basic size, proportion, etc. down and get the basic idea of what I want this thing to look like.


The piece taking shape.


I am skipping quite a bit of work here, but it will give one more glimpse of what the piece looks like as I am working on it.  This was originally going to be a full color piece, but I found it a lot more interesting to look at in grey scale, so after converting it, I kept working that way.


Finished Mushroom Cloud

Finished Mushroom Cloud.


The final product.

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